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Bodo 2020.04 Release (Date: 04/08/2020)

New Features and Improvements

  • Support for scatterv operation
  • Improved memory management for DataFrame and Series data
  • Initial support for pandas.read_sql()
  • pandas.read_csv() reads a directory of csv files
  • pandas.read_csv() reads from S3, and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • pandas.read_parquet() now reads all integer types (like int16) and gets nullable information for integer columns from pandas metadata
  • pandas.read_parquet() now supports reading columns of list of string elements
  • avoid type error for unselected columns in Parquet files
  • support pandas.RangeIndex when reading a non-partitioned parquet dataset
  • pandas.Dataframe.to_parquet() to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • pandas.Dataframe.to_parquet() always writes pandas.RangeIndex to Parquet metadata
  • support pandas.Dataframe.to_parquet() writing datetime64 (default in Pandas) and types to Parquet files
  • support decimal.Decimal type in dataframes and Parquet I/O
  • Support for &, |, and pandas.Series.dt in pandas.Dataframe.query()
  • Support added for groupby last operation
  • min, max, and sum support in groupby() for string columns
  • non-constant list of column names as argument support for functions like groupby()
  • MultiIndex support for groupby(...).agg(as_index=False)
  • pandas.Dataframe.merge() one dataframe on index, and the other on a column
  • sorting compilation time improvement
  • supports for integer, float, string, string list,, datetime.datetime, and datetime.timedelta types in pandas.Series.cummin(), pandas.DataFrame.cummin(), pandas.Series.cummax(), and pandas.DataFrame.cummax()
  • NAs in array
  • better datetime.timedelta support
  • Support for min and max in pandas.Timestamp and
  • pandas.DataFrame.all() for boolean series
  • pandas.Series.astype() to float, int, str
  • Convert string columns to float using astype()
  • NA support for Series.str.split()
  • refactored and improved Dataframe indexing: pandas.loc(), pandas.Dataframe.iloc(), and pandas.Dataframe.iat()
  • better support for pandas.Series.shift(), pandas.Series.pct_change(), pandas.Dataframe.drop()
  • set dataframe column using a scalar
  • support for Index.values
  • Addition support for String columns

Bug Fix

  • pandas.join() produce the correct index.
  • pandas.groupby() use the latest schema
  • groupby(...).cumsum() preserves index
  • groupby(...).agg() when passing a dictionary of functions: support mix of multi-function lists and single functions
  • Fixed Numpy slicing error in a corner case when the slice is equivalent to array and array size is a constant
  • proper construction of dataframe from slicing Numpy 2D array
  • pandas.read_csv reads a dataframe containing only datetime like columns
  • When using pandas.merge() and pandas.join() integer columns which can have a missing value NA are returned as nullable integer array (as opposed to 0 and -1 before)
  • avoid errors in comparing Pandas and Numpy
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