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Bodo 2020.09 Release (Date: 09/17/2020)

This release includes many new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. Overall, 88 code patches were merged since the last release.

New Features and Improvements

  • Bodo is updated to use the latest versions of Numba, pandas and Arrow:

    • Numba 0.51.2
    • pandas 1.1.2
    • Arrow 1.0.1
  • Major improvements in memory management. Bodo's memory consumption is reduced significantly by releasing memory as soon as possible in various operations such as Join, GroupBy, and Sort.

  • Significant improvements in checking and handling various errors in I/O, providing clear error messages and graceful exits.

  • Improvements in speed and scalability of read_parquet when reading from directories with large number of files.

  • Distributed diagnostics is improved to provide clear messages on why a variable was assigned REP distribution.

  • Improvements in caching support for I/O calls and groupby user-defined functions (UDFs).

  • Support for more distributed getitem/setitem cases on arrays.

  • Improvements on checking for unsupported functions and optional arguments.

  • Significant performance improvements in groupby transformations (e.g. GroupBy.cumsum).

  • Enhanced support for DataFrame.select_dtypes.

  • Support for axis=1 in DataFrame.var/std.

  • Support for Series.autocorr.

  • Support for Series.is_monotonic_increasing/is_monotonic_decreasing.

  • Support pd.Series() constructor with a scalar data value.

  • Support for dayofweek, is_leap_year and days_in_month in Timestamp and `Series.dt]{.title-ref}.

  • Support for isocalendar in Series.dt and DatetimeIndex.

  • Support for Series.cumsum/cummin/cummax.

  • Support for Decimal values in nested data structures.

  • Improvements in table join performance.

  • Support for Series.drop_duplicates.

  • Support for and @ operator on Series.

  • Improvements in pd.concat support.

  • Optimized Series.astype(str) for int64 values.

  • Support for pd.Index constructor.