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Bodo 2021.8 Release (Date: 8/30/2021)

This release includes many new features, optimizations, bug fixes and usability improvements. Overall, 74 code patches were merged since the last release.

New Features and Improvements

  • Bodo is updated to use pandas 1.3 and Arrow 5.0 (latest)

  • Updated bodo.jit flag handling to remove the need for the distributed flag in most cases. Arguments and return types are now automatically inferred as distributed in many cases. Automatic inference can be disabled using the new returns_maybe_distributed and args_maybe_distributed flags if necessary.

  • Connectors:

    • Improved pd.read_sql performance on Snowflake by using the Snowflake connector APIs directly.
    • Improved performance of pd.read_parquet when reading large partitioned datasets
  • Performance improvements:

    • Reduced compilation time for some DataFrame operations
    • General performance improvements in Bodo's execution engine resulting in better speed and memory efficiency for a wide range of operations
    • Improved performance of merge and join operations
    • Improved performance and scalability of groupby operations
    • Improved performance of groupby.apply
    • Improved performance of groupby.transform
    • Significantly optimized Series.str.contains(..., regex=True)
    • Improved performance of filtering operations involving string arrays
  • Pandas:

    • Support for passing string function names to Series.apply. The string can refer to a Series method or a Numpy ufunc.
    • Support for passing string function names to DataFrame.apply. The string can refer to a DataFrame method. axis can be provided if the method takes an axis argument.
    • Enhanced support for binary arrays, including within series/dataframes
    • astype() support for casting strings to nullable integers
    • Support for operator.mul between a Timedelta scalar and integers Series
    • Support for std in groupby.transform.
  • Scikit-learn:

    • Support for sklearn.feature_extraction.text.CountVectorizer
    • Support for coef_ attribute for Ridge

BodoSQL 2021.8beta Release (Date: 8/30/2021)

This release adds more SQL coverage, introduces new BodoSQL specific features, and fixes bugs. Overall, 53 code patches were merged since the last release.

New Features and Improvements

  • Parameterized Queries:

    Parameterized queries allow replacing scalars with Python variables during runtime execution. This enables caching more complex BodoSQL queries When paired with Bodo jit: a query parameter can change without the need to recompile the query. More information and example usage can be found in our documentation.

  • SQL Coverage:

    This release added the following additional SQL coverage to BodoSQL. Please refer to our documentation for more details regarding usage.

    • Support for != and <=operators
    • Support for CAST
    • Support for LEAST
    • Support for [NOT] IN with lists of literals
    • Support for the offset optional argument in queries with LIMIT (i.e. SELECT A from table LIMIT 1, 4)
    • Initial support for YEAR/MONTH interval literals/scalars. Currently these are only supported with addition and subtraction operators and cannot be used as a column type.
    • Support the following string functions:
      • CHAR (to convert a value to a string)
      • LENGTH
    • Support for the following Timestamp functions:
      • ADDDATE
      • SUBDATE
      • WEEKDAY
      • YEARWEEK
      • LAST_DAY