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Bodo 2022.3 Release (Date: 3/31/2022)

This release includes many new features, usability and performance improvements, and bug fixes. Overall, 74 code patches were merged since the last release.

New Features and Improvements

  • Bodo is updated to use Arrow 7.0 (latest)

  • Initial support for dictionary-encoded string arrays. Dictionary encoding can improve performance and reduce memory usage significantly when data has many repeated values which is common in practice (see here). Bodo now uses dictionary encoding automatically in pd.read_parquet when a string column can benefit from it. Join, sort and parquet write operations support dictionary-encoded string arrays as well, and the support will expand to others in the future. Bodo will fall back to regular string arrays automatically if an operation does not support dictionary encoding.

  • Connectors:

    • pd.read_parquet performance improvements when multiple processes read from the same file.
    • Support for filter pushdown in Parquet and Snowflake when using Series.isin
    • Support for SparkSQL's input_file_name functionality for read_parquet using a new _bodo_input_file_name_col argument.
    • Support for chunksize in pd.to_sql
    • Optimized df.to_parquet memory usage when writing string columns
    • Support for passing list of columns as columns parameter of df.to_csv
    • Support in pd.read_sql for returning an empty DataFrame from Snowflake, either due to an empty query or the result of filter pushdown.
    • Changed default value of orient and lines in DataFrame.to_json to records and True respectively to enable parallel write (Pandas uses columns and False as default).
  • Bodo now provides compiler optimization logging through bodo.set_verbose_level(). This can be used to display certain optimizations performed at compile time, such as filter pushdown, column pruning, and which columns are read with dictionary encoding when reading from Parquet. See Verbose Mode for more details.

  • Improvements in error checking and quality of error messages.

  • Avoid hang when encountering unhandled exceptions on a single process.

  • Introduced replicated JIT decorator flag (opposite of distributed).

  • If the user provided distributed JIT flag for some input and return values but not all, bodo can now infer distribution of the rest.

  • Performance optimizations:

    • Improved memory usage during parallel groupby.apply
    • Improved df.sample performance when frac=1 and replace=False
  • Pandas:

    • Initial support for Timezone-Aware arrays and timestamps
      • Added support for array.tz_convert, Series.dt.tz_convert, Timestamp.tz_convert, DatetimeIndex.tz_convert, Timestamp.tz_localize
    • Support for
    • Support for pd.unique on Series and 1-D arrays
    • Support for comparison operators between DatetimeIndex and pd.Timestamp and TimedeltaIndex and pd.Timedelta
    • Support for DataFrame.set_index on single-column DataFrames
    • Support for Series.first_valid_index and Series.last_valid_index
    • Support for conversion between pd.timestamp and np.datetime64