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Bodo 2021.11 Release (Date: 11/30/2021)

This release includes many new features, optimizations, bug fixes and usability improvements. Overall, 107 code patches were merged since the last release.

New Features and Improvements

  • Support for "wide" DataFrames with large number of columns:

    • Bodo compiler is transitioning to a new internal dataframe compilation format that substantially decreases compliation time for dataframes with thousands of columns.

      All DataFrame APIs will transition to this new format over time.

    • read_csv, read_parquet, bodo.gatherv and dataframe filtering are upgraded to support this new format in this release.

    • Connectors:
    • Significantly improved performance when reading Parquet from S3 (up to 10x faster read depending on the dataset).
    • General support for predicate pushdown when reading from Parquet (filtering rows at the storage level).
    • Improvements to BodoSQL's filter pushdown, such as higher compiler accuracy in detecting possible filters.
    • Faster read_parquet compilation time by validating the schema only at runtime.
    • Faster pd.read_csv() execution time with large numbers of columns.
    • Bodo automatically maintains type information when passing DataFrames and Series between Bodo and regular Python. This avoids potential typing issues when parallel data chunks do not have enough non-null data for automatic type inference.
    • Improved error messages and documentation.
    • Pandas:
    • Support for Array of dictionary outputs of DataFrame.apply() and Series.apply()
    • Support for Array of dictionary inputs to pd.concat()
    • Support for Series.astype(str) with Categorical type for non-string categories.
    • Support for callable arguments to DataFrame.assign()
    • Support for passing a list as skiprows of pd.read_csv()
    • Support for low_memory argument in pd.read_csv()
    • Support for using a string label for indexing Series with string Index (for non-parallel Series)
    • Support for initializing a Series with a constant dictionary
    • Support for subset argument to DataFrame.drop_duplicates
    • Support for DataFrame.plot with arguments x, y, kind, figsize, xlabel, ylabel, title, legend, fontsize, xticks, yticks, and ax. DataFrame.plot behaves the same as Bodo's Matplotlib support.
    • Support for DataFrame.groupby.head
    • Numpy:
    • Support for
    • ML:
    • Support predict_proba and predict_log_proba for RandomForestClassifier, SGD Classifier and LogisticRegression
    • Support predict_proba for XGBoostClassifier
    • Support for sklearn.metrics.confusion_matrix

BodoSQL 2021.11beta Release (Date: 11/30/2021)

This release includes SQL bug fixes and support for Bodo's filter pushdown from BodoSQL. Most of the improvements to BodoSQL are integrating enhancements made to Bodo. Overall, 10 code patches were merged since the last release.

New Features and Improvements

  • Support for a new filepath API bodosql.TablePath. This API takes the path and file type and uses this to load/remove the data within the query.

    For example:

    bc = bodosql.BodoSQLContext("table1": bodosql.TablePath("myfile.pq", "parquet"))
    return bc.query("Select A from table1")

    This is functionally equivalent to using the Pandas read_ functions inside a Bodo function, but it may have some additional performance optimizations.

    Currently only Parquet files are supported.

  • Support for Bodo's filter pushdown when using the bodosql.TablePath API.

  • Reduced compliation and execution time when using the FIRST_VALUE function repeatedly on the same exact window.

  • SQL Coverage

    This release added the following additional SQL coverage to BodoSQL. Please refer to our documentation for more details regarding usage.

    • Support for omitting the second argument from the ROUND function (defaults to 0).
    • Support for providing an integer as the second argument DATE_ADD and DATE_SUB. If you pass an integer, it is assigned days as its unit.