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Bodo 2021.10 Release (Date: 10/28/2021)

This release includes many new features, optimizations, bug fixes and usability improvements. Overall, 71 code patches were merged since the last release.

New Features and Improvements

  • The Bodo Community Edition can now run on up to 8 cores.

  • Bodo is updated to use Numba 0.54.1 (latest).

  • Improved error messages and documentation.

  • Connectors:

    • pandas.read_csv: support for chunksize and nrows parameters
    • Snowflake:
      • Improved performance and scalability using the new parallel fetch functionality of Snowflake's Python connector, which retrieves data as batches of Arrow tables
      • Support for removing unused columns from the SQL query.
      • Support for filter pushdown of Pandas comparison operations into the SQL query.
  • Reduced compilation time for DataFrame.describe

  • Pandas:

    • DataFrame.sort_values: supports passing na_position as a list with one value per column.

BodoSQL 2021.10beta Release (Date: 10/28/2021)

This release includes SQL bug fixes, increased SQL coverage and various usability improvements. Overall, 27 code patches were merged since the last release.

New Features and Improvements

  • Improved error messages with expanded documentation.

  • Support for passing CategoricalArray and DateArray to BodoSQL. BodoSQL will automatically convert these arrays to supported types.

  • SQL Coverage

    This release added the following additional SQL coverage to BodoSQL. Please refer to our documentation for more details regarding usage.

    • Support for TO_DATE function
    • Support for string column casting inside DATE_ADD and DATE_SUB
    • Support for nulls first and nulls last inside order by.
    • Support for String columns in Window Aggregation Functions.
    • Provided more efficient implementations for NVL and IFNULL when there is a column and a scalar.