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Bodo 2023.1 Release (Date: 01/06/2023)

New Features and Improvements


  • Added support for returning timezone aware timestamp scalars with DataFrame attributes iat and iloc.
  • Support for comparison operators between timezone aware Timestamp values in Series, array, and scalars.
  • Improved the performance of coalesce for string columns.
  • Improved performance on dictionary encoded columns for coalesce and support for dictionary encoded output.
  • Support for tz-aware data in pd.concat.
  • pd.merge now supports cross join type (how=”cross”). Cross joins in BodoSQL are now significantly faster and more scalable.
  • Supported passing timezone to
  • Support for comparison operators between Timestamps (both timezone aware and timezone naive) and values in Series, array, and scalars.


Added support for the following functions:

  • DATEADD (in the form DATEADD(unit_string_literal, integer_amount, starting_datetime))
  • CHARINDEX (not supported for binary data)
  • POSITION (only in the form POSITION(X IN Y), not supported for binary data)
  • INSERT (behavior when numerical arguments are negative is currently not well defined)
  • MODE (only as a window function, not as a generic aggregation)

Parity Improvements:

  • Added support for timezone aware data in all BodoSQL datetime functions.
  • Adjusted TIMESTAMPDIFF to obey Snowflake SQL rounding rules (i.e. ignoring all units smaller than the selected unit).
  • Support for loading views and other non-standard tables with the SnowflakeCatalog.
  • Support for all join types offered by Snowflake.
  • Support for tz-aware data outputs in Case statements.

Other Improvements:

  • Multiple top-level calls to window functions will now compile faster in BodoSQL if they use the same partition and order.
  • Snowflake writes with df.to_sql can now use the more performant direct upload strategy for Azure based Snowflake accounts.
  • Snowflake I/O (read and write) no longer requires the snowflake-sqlalchemy package.
  • Improved performance for reading string data in compressed format from Snowflake.
  • Performance Warning if running Bodo and Snowflake in different cloud regions.
  • Added support for returning timezone aware timestamp scalars with Series attributes iat, iloc, loc and regular getitem.