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Bodo 2020.05 Release (Date: 05/06/2020)

New Features and Improvements

  • Bodo is updated to use the latest versions of Numba and Apache Arrow packages:
    • numba 0.49.0
    • Apache Arrow 0.17.0
  • Various improvements to clarity and conciseness of error messages

  • Initial support for pandas.DataFrame.to_sql()

  • pandas.read_sql() support sql and con passed to Bodo-decorated functions

  • Added support for pandas.read_json() and pandas.DataFrame.to_json() from & to POSIX, S3, and Hadoop File Systems.

  • Initial support for pandas.read_excel()

  • numpy.fromfile() and numpy.tofile() from and to S3, and Hadoop File Systems.

  • Reduction in number of requests in I/O read calls

  • Initial support for array of lists of fixed sized values

  • List of strings data type support for pandas.DataFrame.join(), pandas.DataFrame.drop_duplicates(), and pandas.DataFrame.groupby()

  • pandas.Timestamp subtraction, min and max

  • Improved support for null values in datetime and timedelta operations

  • Support copy() function for Series of decimal.Decimal and data types and most Index types

  • Improved support for Series decimal.Decimal dtype

  • String Series and Dataframe Column are now mutable and support inplace fillna()

  • pandas.Series.round()

  • pandas.Dataframe.assign()

  • Support groupby(...).first() operation

  • pandas.Dataframe.iloc support for extracting a subset of columns

  • numpy.array.sum(axis=0)

  • numpy.reshape() multi-dimensional distributed arrays

  • Initial implementation of experimental legacy mode

  • Proper error when using unsupported pandas.(...) & pandas.Series.(...) functions

  • Improved robustness of pandas.DataFrame inplace operations

  • Memory usage improvements

  • Type safety improvements

  • Compilation time improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in pandas.read_csv() reading a large CSV file in specific distributed cases
  • with empty vector/matrix input