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Bodo 2022.5 Release (Date: 5/31/2022)

This release includes many new features, usability and performance improvements, and bug fixes.

New Features and Improvements

  • Iceberg connector (alpha):

    • Initial support for reading Iceberg tables using the read_sql_table API. It supports automatic filter pushdown, and tables can be stored on local file system or Hive Metastore.
  • Improved write performance of dataframe to_sql to OracleDB.

  • Better error messages linked to user documentation.

  • Pandas:

    • Bodo now matches Pandas 1.4 date/time offset behavior for nansecond fragments.

    • Support for var_name and value_name arguments in pd.melt.

    • Super wide dataframe support for copy and rename.

    • Support for Index unique, isin, and contains.

    • Improved memory-efficiency and performance of Series.str center, capitalize, lower, swapcase, title, and upper with dictionary-encoded string arrays.

  • BodoSQL:

    • Support for Python 3.10

    • Upgraded to Calcite 1.30 (latest release)