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About Bodo

Bodo is a high performance SQL & Python compute engine that brings HPC and supercomputing techniques to data processing for the first time and combines them with database optimizations:

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  • HPC compiler optimizes compute operations aggressively, leading to high efficiency for expensive compute-heavy queries.
  • HPC parallel architecture with MPI ensures maximum parallel execution efficiency and scalability.
  • Plugin architecture with Snowflake SQL compatibility and Iceberg storage as well as Snowflake native storage support breaks vendor lock-in and enables a multi-engine environment.

Bodo is delivered as a simple SaaS service and can be plugged into existing data stacks easily:

  • Plugin Bodo SDK in your Airflow or other scripts to submit queries.
  • Use Bodo connectors for existing ETL tools to use Bodo immediately.
  • Bodo managed clusters stay in your own AWS/Azure account ensuring no data leaves your environment.

Contact us to learn more about Bodo and how it can help you with your data processing needs.