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Bodo provides extensive Series support. However, operations between Series (+, -, /, , *) do not implicitly align values based on their associated index values yet.



Indexing, iteration

Location based indexing using [], iat, and iloc is supported. Changing values of existing string Series using these operators is not supported yet.

Binary operator functions

Function application, GroupBy & Window

Computations / Descriptive Stats

Statistical functions below are supported without optional arguments unless support is explicitly mentioned.

Reindexing / Selection / Label manipulation

Missing data handling

Reshaping, sorting

Combining / comparing / joining / merging

Datetime properties

Datetime methods

String handling

Categorical accessor

Serialization / IO / Conversion

Heterogeneous Series

Bodo's Series implementation requires all elements to share a common data type. However, in situations where the size and types of the elements are constant at compile time, Bodo has some mixed type handling with its Heterogeneous Series type.


This type's primary purpose is for iterating through the rows of a DataFrame with different column types. You should not attempt to directly create Series with mixed types.

Heterogeneous Series operations are a subset of those supported for Series and the supported operations are listed below.