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  • This API only supports reading Iceberg tables at the moment.
  • See Iceberg Section for example usage and more system specific instructions.
  • Argument table_name is supported and must be the name of an Iceberg Table.
  • Argument con is supported but only as a string form in a URL format. SQLalchemy connectable is not supported. It should be the absolute path to a Iceberg warehouse. If using a Hadoop-based directory catalog, it should start with the URL scheme iceberg://. If using a Thrift Hive catalog, it should start with the URL scheme iceberg+thrift://
  • Argument schema is supported and currently required for Iceberg tables. It must be the name of the database schema. For Iceberg Tables, this is the directory name in the warehouse (specified by con) where your table exists.
  • Arguments index_col, coerce_float, parse_dates, columns and chunksize are not supported.