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DATEADD(unit, amount, timestamp_val)

Computes a timestamp column by adding the amount of the specified unit to the timestamp val. For example, DATEADD('day', 3, T) adds 3 days to column T. Allows the following units, with the specified abbreviations as string literals:

  • YEAR: year, years, yr, yrs, y, yy, yyy, yyyy
  • QUARTER: quarter, quarters, q, qtr, qtrs
  • MONTH: month, months, mm, mon, mons
  • WEEK: week, weeks, weekofyear, w, wk, woy, wy
  • DAY: day, days, dayofmonth, d, dd
  • HOUR: hour, hours, hrs, h, hr, hrs
  • MINUTE: minute, minutes, m, mi, min, mins
  • SECOND: second, seconds, s, sec, secs
  • MILLISECOND: millisecond, milliseconds, ms, msecs
  • MICROSECOND: microsecond, microseconds, us, usec
  • NANOSECOND: nanosecond, nanoseconds, nanosec, nsec, nsecs, nsecond, ns, nanonsecs

Supported with timezone-aware data.

DATEADD(timestamp_val, amount)

Equivalent to DATEADD('day', amount, timestamp_val)