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Converts an input expression to a DATE type. The input can be one of the following:

  • TO_DATE(timestamp_expr) truncates the timestamp to its date value.
  • TO_DATE(string_expr) if the string is in date format (e.g. "1999-01-01") then it is convrted to a corresponding date. If the string represents an integer (e.g. "123456") then it is interpreted as the number of seconds/milliseconds/microseconds/nanoseconds since 1970-01-1. Which unit it is interpreted as depends on the magnitude of the number, in accordance with the semantics used by Snowflake.
  • TO_DATE(string_expr, format_expr) uses the format string to specify how to parse the string expression as a date. Uses the format string rules as specified by Snowflake.
  • If the input is NULL, outputs NULL.

Raises an error if the input expression does not match one of these formats.