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pandas.Series.groupby(by=None, axis=0, level=None, as_index=True, sort=True, group_keys=True, squeeze=NoDefault.no_default, observed=False, dropna=True)

Supported Arguments

  • by: Array-like or Series data. This is not supported with Decimal or Categorical data.
    • Must be constant at Compile Time
  • level: integer
    • Must be constant at Compile Time
    • Only level=0 is supported and not with MultiIndex.


You must provide exactly one of by and level

Example Usage

>>> @bodo.jit
... def f(S, by_series):
...     return S.groupby(by_series).count()
>>> S = pd.Series([1, 2, 24, None] * 5)
>>> by_series = pd.Series(["421", "f31"] * 10)
>>> f(S, by_series)

421    10
f31     5
Name: , dtype: int64


Series.groupby doesn't currently keep the name of the original Series.