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SPLIT_TO_TABLE(str, delim)

Takes in a string column and a delimeter and produces a table by "exploding" the string into multiple rows based on the delimeter, producing the following columns:

  • SEQ: not currently supported by BodoSQL.
  • INDEX: which index in the splitted string did the current seciton come from.
  • VALUE: the current section of the splitted string.


Currently, BodoSQL supports this function as an alias for FLATTEN(SPLIT(str, delim)).

Below is an example of a query using the SPLIT_TO_TABLE function with the LATERAL keyword to explode an string column while also replicating another column.

SELECT id, lat.index as idx, lat.value as val FROM table1, lateral split_to_table(colors, ' ') lat

If the input data was as follows:

id colors
50 "red orange yellow"
75 "green blue"

Then the query would produce the following data:

id idx val
50 0 "red"
50 1 "orange"
50 2 "yellow"
75 0 "green"
75 1 "blue"