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Supported Iceberg Data Types

Bodo supports most data types defined in the Apache Iceberg specification. This following table shows how Iceberg data types are represented in Python and SQL.

Iceberg Data Type Equivalent Python / Pandas Array Type Equivalent SQL Column Type
boolean bool[pyarrow] BOOL
int int32[pyarrow] INT
long int64[pyarrow] BIGINT
float float32[pyarrow] FLOAT
double float64[pyarrow] DOUBLE
decimal(P, S) decimal128(P, S)[pyarrow] DECIMAL(P, S)
date date32[pyarrow] DATE
time time32[pyarrow] TIME
timestamp timestamp[us][pyarrow] TIMESTAMP
timestamptz timestamp[us, tz=UTC][pyarrow] TIMESTAMPTZ
string large_string[pyarrow] STRING
binary binary[pyarrow] BINARY
struct<...> struct<...>[pyarrow] STRUCT
list large_list<E>[pyarrow] LIST
map map<K, V>[pyarrow] MAP

Bodo does not support these Iceberg data types yet:

  • fixed
  • uuid