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Bodo Usage Guides

This section provides a collection of guides to help you go from beginner to expert with Bodo. Choose a guide from the list below to get started.

Installation and Setup Guides

This section provides guides to help you install and set up Bodo on your local machine or get onboarded on Bodo Platform on AWS or Azure.

Python Developer's Guide

If you are a developer and want to get started with Bodo, this guide will help you get started with Bodo on your local machine.

Using the Bodo Cloud Platform

This set of guides explains the basics of using the Bodo cloud platform and associated concepts.

Understanding Parallelism with Bodo

This section provides a collection of guides to help you understand how Bodo parallelizes your code and how to write code that can benefit from Bodo's parallelism.

Scalable Data I/O with Bodo

This guide demonstrates how to use Bodo's file I/O APIs to read and write data.

Using Regular Python inside Bodo (Object Mode)

This guide teaches you how to can interleave regular Python code with Bodo functions using Bodo's object mode.

Measuring Performance

This guide provides an overview of how to correctly measure performance of your Bodo code.


This guide outlines how caching works in Bodo and best practices for using it.


This guide discusses advanced Bodo feature that allows you to inline functions to perform additional compiler optimizations.

Bodo Errors

This guide provides a list of common Bodo errors and tips on how to resolve them.

Compilation Tips

This guide provides a list of tips to help you optimize your Bodo code for compilation and get the most out of Bodo.

Verbose Mode

For advanced developers, this guide provides an overview of Bodo's verbose mode and how to use it to debug your code.

Deploying Bodo with Kubernetes

This guide walks through an example showing how to deploy a Bodo application with Kubernetes.

Don't see what you're looking for? Check out the Bodo API Reference for more information.