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OBJECT_CONSTRUCT_KEEP_NULL(key1, value1[, key2, value2, ...])

Takes in a variable number of key-value pairs and combines them into JSON data. BodoSQL currently requires all key arguments to be string literals.

The full Snowflake specification.

BodoSQL supports the syntactic sugar OBJECT_CONSTRUCT_KEEP_NULL(*) which indicates that all columns should be used as key-value pairs, where the column is the value and its column name is the key. For example, if we have the table T as defined below:

First Middle Last
"John" "Quincy" "Adams"
"Lyndon" "Baines" "Johnson"
"James" NULL "Madison"

Then SELECT OBJECT_CONSTRUCT_KEEP_NULL(*) as name FROM T returns the following table:

{"First": "George", "Middle": NULL, "Last": "Washington"}
{"First": "John", "Middle": "Quincy", "Last": "Adams"}
{"First": "Lyndon", "Middle":"Baines", "Last": "Johnson"}
{"First": "Thomas", "Middle": NULL, "Last": "Jefferson"}