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Takes in a string representing a json document and parses it to the corresponding value as a variant. For example:

  • PARSE_JSON('42') is equivalent to TO_VARIANT(42)

  • PARSE_JSON('{"A": 0, "B": 3.1}') is equivalent to TO_VARIANT({"A": 0, "B": 3.1})


Currently only supported under limited conditions where it is possible to rewrite the call to PARSE_JSON as a sequence of Parse-Extract-Cast operations, where the output of PARSE_JSON immediately has an extraction operation like GET/GET_PATH called on it, and the result is casted to a non-semi-structured type. For example, PARSE_JSON(S):fizz::integer can be rewritten, as can GET_PATH(TO_OBJECT(TO_ARRAY(PARSE_JSON(S))[0]), '')::varchar.