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BodoSQL provides high performance and scalable SQL query execution using Bodo's HPC capabilities and optimizations. It also provides native Python/SQL integration as well as SQL to Pandas conversion for the first time.

The following topics provide detailed information on how to use BodoSQL.


How aliasing works in BodoSQL with internal naming conventions.

User Defined Functions and Table Functions

How to define and use UDFs and User Defined Table Functions (UDTFs) in BodoSQL.

Caching and Parameterized Queries

How to cache queries and use named parameters in BodoSQL.

I/O handling

How to handle I/O operations in BodoSQL.

BodoSQLContext API

How to use the BodoSQLContext API to interact with BodoSQL.

TablePath API

How to use the TablePath API to load data into BodoSQL.

Database Catalogs

How to use database catalogs in BodoSQL.

Identifier Case Sensitivity

How identifier case sensitivity works in BodoSQL.

Performance Considerations

Factors that affect performance when using BodoSQL.

Query Support

A full API reference guide for BodoSQL SQL syntax and functions. Click on each specific topic to see a full list of supported API.