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OBJECT_CONSTRUCT(key1, value1[, key2, value2, ...])

The same as OBJECT_CONSTRUCT_KEEP_NULL except that for any rows where any input value (e.g. value1, value2, ...) is null have that key-value pair dropped from the row's final JSON output.


BodoSQL only supports this function under narrow conditions where all of the values are either of the same type or of easily reconciled types.

The full Snowflake specification.

BodoSQL supports the syntactic sugar OBJECT_CONSTRUCT(*) which indicates that all columns should be used as key-value pairs, where the column is the value and its column name is the key. For example, if we have the table T as defined below:

First Middle Last
"John" "Quincy" "Adams"
"Lyndon" "Baines" "Johnson"
"James" NULL "Madison"

Then SELECT OBJECT_CONSTRUCT(*) as name FROM T returns the following table:

{"First": "George", "Last": "Washington"}
{"First": "John", "Middle": "Quincy", "Last": "Adams"}
{"First": "Lyndon", "Middle":"Baines", "Last": "Johnson"}
{"First": "Thomas", "Last": "Jefferson"}