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  • Example usage and more system specific instructions
  • Only supports reading JSON Lines text file format (pd.read_json(filepath_or_buffer, orient='records', lines=True)) and regular multi-line JSON file(pd.read_json(filepath_or_buffer, orient='records', lines=False)).
  • Argument filepath_or_buffer is supported: it can point to a single JSON file, or a directory containing multiple partitioned JSON files. When reading a directory, the JSON files inside the directory must be JSON Lines text file format with json file extension.
  • Argument orient = 'records' is used as default, instead of Pandas' default 'columns' for dataframes. 'records' is the only supported value for orient.
  • Argument typ is supported. 'frame' is the only supported value for typ.
  • filepath_or_buffer must be inferrable as a constant string. This is required so bodo can infer the types at compile time, see compile time constants.
  • Arguments convert_dates, precise_float, lines are supported.
  • Argument anon of storage_options is supported for S3 filepaths.